Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again where we reflect on the happenings this past year, and give thanks for the blessings we have in our lives. We have the ability to have and keep shelter over the heads of ourselves and our loved ones; we have friends and family to love and care for.

Of course, the holidays are difficult for many other families too, whether broken, widowed, or even perhaps both. There are a myriad of paths that one can travel down. Some are lonely and paved with sadness. Your path is what you make it out to be and we want to share with you some important tips to keep in mind to keep you on your higher path of living and learning.
Tips for the New You

Create new holiday traditions. If you have no loved ones to care for, why not help out others in need and volunteer for a food drive. Meals on Wheels is a fantastic cause and the older generation really appreciate it, especially when they have no loved ones to visit with. Monday Night Mission is another wonderful organization that was created to help feed the homeless on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Lastly, there are quite a few soup kitchens in Los Angeles that cater to the homeless. What better way to pay it forward and make yourself feel better by being of service to others and helping them? I started making DIY ornaments to give out to those individuals who have helped me throughout the year. Last year, I made Snowmen Ornaments. Still iffy on what to make this year (either mini snow globes, or a reindeer candy cane-holder Christmas ornament …courtesy of

Take a Vacation. Checkmark that item off your ‘Bucket List’. I have heard many times from countless friends that it’s always a benefit to yourself to go on a vacation by yourself. Go on a Safari to Africa; see the kangaroos down under in Australia; take a cruise to see the Alaskan Glaciers! Whatever you do, it allows you to feel free and independent!

Take a Class. It’s always beneficial to keep your mind alert. Why not sign up for a class you’ve been interested in? I personally have always wanted to take a math class (I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes. You’re thinking, ‘but EVERYONE hates math. I’m one of those few that actually enjoy math). Maybe you always dreamed of being in theater? Now’s your time to act (pun intended lol)!

We even have some tips for those divorced couples who are co-parenting. Don’t think that we left you off Easy Street!

Control Your Emotions. In the industry we are in, we see parents daily trying to take control of the situation so the cards play out exactly how they like. Reality is, you should be thinking about how your emotions and behavior impact your child. Argue constructively – that means, argue with respect. You don’t have to raise your voice to get your point across, or scream out profanities to the other person. Contain your anger.  

Keep Children out of the Middle. If you have something to say to your ex, don’t put your child through that by having to be in the middle of your conflict. Be an adult and say it, respectfully of course. It never did anyone any good to cause more conflict and stay angry.

Keep Up with the Times. As you are well aware, we are a generation that is addicted to technology. While we are not suggesting you teach your newborn infant the functions of your latest iPhone, it is important to be able to communicate with them when they are not residing with you. Yes, I am an avid Android user, so I don’t have ‘Facetime’ like iPhone users, but there are other programs such as Skype which can allow you to video-conference with your child. 

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